Custom Products & Design

Custom Design is something we get really excited about. Not only do we love the opportunity to work in our studio, but we love seeing the end result after having brought together all the elements that go into producing a high quality product and finish.

With a background deeply seated in the restoration of historical buildings, it's only natural that we're serious about the smallest detail and of course we love working with our hands.

Although we already have extensive experience in a number of design programmes as well as graphic design, we're always enthusiastic about learning new skills that are part and parcel of exciting innovative advances in technology. This in turn has opened up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to quality product design.

In the past we've worked with a wide variety of Clients, both inside and out of the Music Industry, on projects ranging from temporary to permanent installations and builds such as stage design and modular lighting, to Public and Private Client assignments which range in diversity from product design for the retail and domestic market to bespoke private projects.