Credit where Credit is Due...

With everything we have to do during an event, we're a bit rubbish at taking photo's of our work as we're always so busy. So a Big, Thank You! to all the amazing and very talented people and organisations that have allowed us to use some of their photographs of our work for this website. We're so in awe of their incredible talent that we had to create a page solely for them. Below you'll find direct links to their social media platforms, websites and ways to get in contact with them.

Big Love

T.O. D.&C.xXx

*If you have photographs of our work and are happy for us to use them on our site, we’ll include a link to a profile on this page and/or a direct link to your site.


Photo by AElise Photography - Anne Elise Hansen

AElise Photography

Anne-Elise Hansen

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