Noisily Festival of Music & Arts – 2022

Noisily Festival of Music & Arts 2022

7th - 10th July 2022

It's been some time since we were last hard at work in the woods, creating and building the unique, spiritual and magical woodland experience which is the very essence of Noisily Festival of Music & Arts.

Following the huge success of the pre-festival event, Noisily City Lights on the 29th of April in London, we're feeling re-energised and focused on making this years Noisily, one which will stand out from the rest. Notwithstanding a 2-year pandemic sabbatical, this year for a myriad of reasons will be a very special year for Noisily Festival and without a doubt one of the most memorable ones.

Noisily isn't just about the music, the acts and the performers. It's about coming together in unison. About sharing a common love, a spiritual grounding and of course it's about the "punters". The weird, the wonderful, the playful and gameful. The freakish and geekish, vibrant and stylish. From priests and priestesses to shamans, elves and faeries, each and everyone gives a little of themselves towards the Noisily vibe making it a truly unique event and experience that leaves a feeling of dappled sunlight on your soul.

Hope you can make it! See you in the woods! 😉

Noisily City Lights

Noisily City Lights

29th April 2022 - London (11pm)

After 2 very long years, we're really excited about meeting up with some of the Noisily Crew and family to put on an exclusive, one night only, pre-festival event in London on 29th April 2022. We'll be bringing along some familiar elements from the Noisily Liquid field, and although there won't be a leafy canopy above our heads the Noisily family have got something special lined up.

This event is a perfect opportunity to re-energise, meet up with familiar faces, re-kindle old friendships and hopefully make new ones. There's a fantastic line-up of DJ's, but be warned tickets are going fast for both this event and Noisily Festival 7th-10th July 2022.

We really hope that you can make it, if not we'll see you in the woods in July! 😉